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There Are 3 Types Of Traffic Every Business Has Access To

Waterspout on the ocean

Traffic You Do Not Control

Many remote control devices in hands

Traffic You Control

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys - house out of focus

Traffic You Own

There Are 4 Main Sources Of Web Traffic

Google Web Traffic

Traffic You Do Not Control


Includes links from other sites, and search engine results.


Social Media Traffic

Traffic You Do Not Control


Includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc...


Paid Traffic

Traffic You Do Control


Includes any "Pay Per Click" ads, such as Facebook or Google


List Traffic

Traffic You Own


Includes emails, phone numbers, and subscribers in your list.


What Do You Do With Traffic That Doesn't Become Yours?

Remarket to your audience for increased conversions

The average person will need to see your brand 5-12 times before considering purchasing from you.

That's a scary thought, so what are you doing to insure your qualified audience continues to see that product or service you have to offer?

A digitized followup in the form of pixels and emails are essential to adding more revenue to your bottom line.

What is a pixel? Have you ever been shopping for a product and see that product on other websites or even Facebook? That's a pixel.

"Well I just ignore those ads or think it's creepy." Studies show that even if you don't pay attention to them, subconsciously you make note of them and it counts towards that 5-12 times you need to see a brand.

95% of businesses out there are doing nothing to capitalize on this. Which puts you in a great position to capitalize on your market.

How Do You Continue To Build Your Web Traffic?

Brand Story Development

Imagine your brand story is a movie. Every social media post, blog post, and email that you send is a scene in that movie. What makes a good movie? Good scenes... A brand story is crucial for any business, in terms of brand continuity and giving you a sense of direction for continuous content. 

Competitor Analysis

Reinventing the wheel is stupid in the most basic sense. There are businesses in your niche that are already dominating their market which makes it easy to use what they do well and make it better. 

Advanced Analytics

Do you know what a lead costs you? How about a customer? Data is essential to making informed business decisions. We want to break down your budget for you easily, allowing you to know exactly what your Return on Investment is, but to also help you allocate budget to increase profit.

Interested in a personalized strategy for your business?